Rastafarian Rules of Life and Lifestyle
Chapter 1: Introduction to Rastafari Origins and History: The Rastafari movement emerged in Jamaica during the 1930s, blending influences from Ethiopianism and Pan-Africanism. This was a time of great social and political change in Jamaica, as the nation grappled with the impact of colonialism and the quest for independence. Rastafari takes its name from Ras Tafari Makonnen, who later became Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia. The movement is deeply inspired by Marcus Garvey's teachings of black pride and the call for …
Why do Rastafarians Smoke Ganja?Rastafarian
Why do Rastafarians Smoke Ganja?
Rastafarianism is a religious and sociological phenomenon rooted in Jamaica, developed during the 1930s as an amalgamation of African mysticism, Christianity, and attention to social justice. Rastafarians hold the former Emperor of Ethiopia to be divine, a representation on earth for Jah: their term used in referring to God. Ganja is a specific feature of Rastafarian culture, as it has deep spiritual, historical, and cultural significance for the community. In this blog, we will explore the reasons behind the ritualistic use …
Lamb's Bread Strain in JamaicaRastafarian
Secrets of Rastafarian Culture: The Significance of Lamb’s Bread Strain in Jamaica
In the lush, vibrant landscapes of Jamaica, the Rastafarian culture thrives, deeply intertwined with the island's history and spirituality. One of the most intriguing aspects of this culture is the profound significance attached to the Lamb's Bread strain of cannabis. This article delves into the secrets of Rastafarian culture, exploring the roots and importance of Lamb's Bread within this unique way of life. The Origins of Rastafarianism Delving into the enigmatic realms of Rastafarian culture commences with an exploration of its historical …
A Simple Guide to Harmony and AwarenessRastafarian
Living a Rasta Life: A Simple Guide to Harmony and Awareness
A long time ago in Jamaica, in the 1930s, something called the Rastafari movement began. This movement has spread all over the world and has become an important part of culture and spiritual beliefs. The people who are a part of this movement are called Rastas. They try to live with love, peace, and togetherness, and they also want to stay close to nature and a higher power, like a spiritual force. Being a Rasta means following certain rules and ideas …