King’s Bread

King’s Bread


King’s Bread is a special type of marijuana plant that comes from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. We don’t know who first grew it or where it really comes from, but some people think it might be related to another type of weed called Lamb’s Bread. People who’ve tried King’s Bread say it smells and tastes like citrus, cheese, and herbs. When It comes to cannabis, King’s Bread Strain is a majestic masterpiece that has its special place in the world of premium strains. Connoisseurs seeking the ultimate cannabis experience can now enjoy this extraordinary hybrid strain which is crafted with the utmost care and precision. King’s Bread Strain is a true kingpin in the world of cannabis. It is known to boast a royal lineage that combines the legendary strains of Jack Herer and Afghani, resulting in a perfect blend that embodies the best of both worlds: the energetic euphoria of a sativa and the deep relaxation of an indica. This perfect balance delivers an exquisite high that’s fit for royalty.

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Aroma & Flavor:

Herbal, Pine, Spicy


Munchies, Relaxation, Talkative, Uplifting

Health Benefits:

Depression, Inflammation, Pain



What is King’s Bread Strain from Jamaica?

King’s Bread is a remarkable marijuana plant celebrated for its pure sativa genetics, hailing from the picturesque Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Who bred King’s Bread, and where does it come from?

The breeder of King’s Bread remains shrouded in anonymity, and the precise genetic lineage is veiled in mystery. Nevertheless, some conjecture that it may share a connection with another strain known as Lamb’s Bread.

What are the primary aromas and flavors of King’s Bread from Jamaica?

King’s Bread entices the senses with its captivating aromas and flavors. The dominant notes encompass citrus, cheese, and herbal nuances, crafting a unique and unforgettable sensory journey.

Is King’s Bread a sativa or indica strain?

King’s Bread is unequivocally classified as a pure sativa strain, synonymous with its tendency to impart uplifting and invigorating effects.

What are the effects of King’s Bread strain from Jamaica?

King’s Bread is renowned for inducing an array of effects, including heightened creativity, an overwhelming sense of happiness, and sharpened focus. It consistently ushers in an energetic and euphoric high, making it a favored choice among cannabis enthusiasts in Jamaica and beyond.

Is King’s Bread suitable for medical use in Jamaica?

King’s Bread may harbor potential therapeutic advantages, particularly for alleviating symptoms associated with conditions such as depression, anxiety, and stress. However, it is imperative to seek counsel from a healthcare professional before considering it for medical purposes, in adherence to Jamaican regulations.

How can I grow King’s Bread strain at home in Jamaica?

Cultivating the King’s Bread strain at home in Jamaica may necessitate specific conditions and expertise. It is advisable to delve into research on the requisite cultivation techniques and adhere to local laws and regulations governing home cultivation practices.

Where can I find King’s Bread strain for purchase in Jamaica?

The availability of the King’s Bread strain may fluctuate based on your location within Jamaica and the legal framework in place. In regions where cannabis is permissible for recreational or medicinal utilization, licensed dispensaries may stock this sought-after strain.

Is King’s Bread suitable for beginners in Jamaica?

Due to its potent sativa effects, King’s Bread may not be the most suitable choice for novices in Jamaica. Its intensity calls for cautious consumption, and newcomers are encouraged to commence with smaller doses while considering their tolerance levels.