Tangie represents a sativa cannabis strain resulting from the fusion of California Orange and Skunk-1 varieties. This strain is really well-known and liked in Amsterdam. And now, more and more people in other places are also starting to like it. Tangie can be considered a modern reinterpretation of the sought-after Tangerine Dream strain that gained fame in the 1990s. Its vibrant tangerine fragrance distinctly stems from its citrus lineage. When consumed, Tangie induces a euphoric state coupled with a sense of relaxation.

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Aroma & Flavor:

Citrus, Orange, Tropical


Energetic, Talkative, Uplifting

Health Benefits:

Anxiety, Depression, Stress


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Tangie Weed Strain in Jamaica

What is the Tangie Weed Strain in Jamaica?

The Tangie Weed Strain is a beloved cannabis variety that has made its mark in Jamaica. It’s recognized for its unique flavor and uplifting effects.

What are the effects of the Tangie Weed Strain in Jamaica?

Tangie Weed Strain is a sativa-dominant option that delivers heightened creativity, energy, focus, and euphoria. It’s an excellent selection for individuals seeking an invigorating and mood-boosting cannabis encounter, particularly in Jamaica.

What does Tangie Weed Strain taste like in Jamaica?

The Tangie Weed Strain is known for its citrusy and zesty flavor profile, similar to the taste of fresh tangerines, which makes it a refreshing and delicious choice.

What is Tangie Weed Strain used for in Jamaica?

The Tangie Weed Strain is highly versatile in Jamaica, with various uses. It enhances creativity and productivity, making it popular among artists and professionals, and can also relieve stress, anxiety, and depression for improved mental well-being.

Can I cultivate Tangie Weed Strain in Jamaica?

Growing Tangie Weed Strain in Jamaica is possible, but it requires careful attention to cultivation conditions, including lighting, humidity, and nutrient management. Complying with local laws and regulations related to cannabis cultivation is crucial.

Where can I find Tangie Weed Strain in Jamaica?

The availability of Tangie Weed Strain may vary depending on your location in Jamaica and local cannabis laws. In areas where cannabis is legal for recreational or medicinal use, authorized dispensaries and local sources with knowledge of the Jamaican cannabis market may offer this sought-after strain.

Is Tangie Weed Strain suitable for beginners in Jamaica?

Tangie Weed Strain’s predominantly uplifting and euphoric effects make it suitable for a wide range of users, including beginners in Jamaica. However, as with any cannabis strain, it’s advisable to start with lower doses and gradually adjust based on individual tolerance levels to ensure a comfortable experience.